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Something simple and memorable.

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We kept trying to find icons for hope. The dove came up, but was too [much like a] Grateful Dead poster.

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Then we went back to what really sat behind the idea of 'Hope is Power': a belief in change. The butterfly is the icon of change, but too often is represented in a soft way. So, we made it badass.

We figured if we could redefine the fragile image of the butterfly, we could redefine the fragile perception of the word hope. And both stood out in their time.

That insight doesn't really cut it now. This was about something else. If we felt real pressure in this process, it was to make something original and powerful that could also leave people believing in something bigger than a news insight.

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Hopefully people respond to that. The challenge of course was to give the butterfly an intent it didn't really possess. But to try and do that in a way you might just believe was possible. The part that gets me is the inflection point: that when it stares blindly out of the window, [the scene looks] all blurred and saturated, and when the organ comes in, for a second you place yourself in its character, and you really want out.

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There are gap-toothed smiles and cheeky grins. Kids who look poor, and kids who look rich. There are school uniforms that look more suited to a Harry Potter story than a modern capital city. The work, for all its simplicity, was logistically complex. Consent was needed from every caregiver.

Some schools, under financial pressure, were unable to take part. McQueen is a Londoner, and the work has great personal resonance for him : while it is tempting to hope for a nationwide Year 3 project, perhaps it might be taken not as a prototype but as an indicator of the potential for public artworks that reflect communities with depth and dignity. It is a portrait, above all, of hope. Image courtesy of Cleveland State Library Special Collections Construction, : The bridge closed for a number of years in the early s to undergo extensive repairs.

It reopened in with a new name: the Hope Memorial Bridge. Get Directions.

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