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Skip to main content. Copy URL. The Red Queen on the Origin of Sex. Original Virtue and the Evolution of Love. Mating Minds and Flowering Cultures. The Contradictory Diversity of Anthropoid Societies. Evolutionary Divergence of the Hominid Line. The Emergence of Homo. Adolescent Adam and the Unbearable Beauty of Eve. Culture Out of Africa.

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Egalitarian GathererHunters. Even More Ancient Roots.

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Father Mother Lover Friend. The Forests Family Caregivers. Emerging Sexual Tensions. Sexuallybalanced Separation. Male Dominion by Primal Violence. Female Power and Male Dominance. Sexual Paradox and Cultural Sustainability. Sexual Polarization in Warrior Cultures.

People of the Shrunken Heads. The Mournful Sound of Hidden Trumpets. Stealing the Womens Trumpets. Dimensions of Partible Paternity. Matrilocal Promiscuity. Warrior Peoples and the Rise of Male Dominance. Paleolithic Origins. The Neolithic and the Great Goddess. The Descent of the Queen of Heaven. The Transition to Patriarchy in the Fertile Crescent. Patriarchal Law Codes. A God Whose Name is Jealous. Trouble in Paradise.

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Sacred Marriage and the Strange Woman. Shepherd Tribes in the Land of Milk and Honey. Hebrew Kings and the Rape of the Sanctuaries. Hoseas Plight and Jeremiahs Lament. Separatist Sentiments of the Exile. Israel After the Rains. The Son of the Father and the Women of Galilee. Satan and the Male Combat of Dark and Light. Samaels Jealousy and Thunders Perfection. Pauline Paganism and Martyrs Blood. The Demon Rod that wouldnt Lie Down. Freedom of Spirit and the Christian Dark Ages. Unraveling the Sacramental Covenant.

Islam Jihad and Sakina. Allahs Daughters and the Satanic Verses. Genocide at Medina and Sakina. Cutting out the Tongues. The Prophets Nine Women. Monotheistic Monolith.


Stoning and Burning Female Flowers. The Veil of the Shadow of Death. Enslaving the Concubine. Defenders of Islam. Ending Female Genital Mutilation. Daughters Wives and Widows. Till Death us do Part. Untouchable Sacred Whores. Quantum Gravity and Spacetime Structure. The SexuallyComplex Quantum World. Sexual Paradox and the Tree of Life. Bifurcation Complexity and the Prisoners Dilemma. Mutation Selection and the Quantum Limit. Evolutionary Universality. The Entanglements of Biological Sex. Symmetrybreaking Gene Wars and the Ovum. Homology in Complementarity. Orgasmic Physiology.

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Are the Biological Sexes just Cultural Genders? The Enigmatic Three Pound Universe. Can Transactions explain Conscious Intentional Will? Understanding the Sexual Brain.