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One less worry, and one less monthly overdraft fee! I would use it for my trip this summer to hike through the Sierras. Sending food to the mountains is pricey. So are hiking boots. Take 2 days from work unpaid. This will allow me to go to the university during business hours. This is important because I need to get permission to post the flyers for my new business idea. I will post several of them in key areas, and use the rest of the time to meet with professors and counselors who can recommend my services to students. Forms, cards, free crap kids in college like, etc. Third, I would take several people out to lunch or coffee.

I work in a very isolated part of my company, and it would be great to get out and meet some new people. I would love to talk to him more. Why do I want to do this? Beause regardless of how much I believed you in the past.

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The story is that I have busted my hump for a year to prove my vaule to this company. I have gotten a professional license, started coursework for my masters degree, have taken on more than I need to, etc. I can easily add three percent to my income on the side without all of the struggle. What have I learned from writing all of this? I earn that in about 20 hours worth of work. So really why would I do this with extra money if I already have the money?

Its obviously not money that is holding me back. Thanks for the insight your post provided.

What would you do with a free $1,000?

I will used vacation time I have coming up to do these things instead. Enter the Crooked River Fae Light rental company.

For newlyweds, I would include a gift lantern with personalized drawings or text on the inside of the lamp. In June I will complete a masters degree, and in light of the lack of permanent positions in my field being available just yet, this summer would be the ideal time for me to put this lantern idea in motion.

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I would spend it because I do not need it. I saved my entire life to get all the things I wanted or needed. I am trying to make the transition to be a spender, I think this is my opportunity! This would fully fund that goal and allow me to focus on chopping the head off my student loan 4 more months to debt freedom. I would use it to outsource work that would build my business and help me create a reliable income.

Top 5 Mistakes We Made As New eBay Sellers.

I have several hospital bills from nine operations,plus several ongoing medical problems and bills,that just keep on adding up. I am verry sick. That is what I would use the money for. I will use the money to buy plane tickets for my family to attend my graduation in NYC.

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Any extra money will be used to pay bills. Pay off a credit card, catch up on my car payments, and buy my husband some very much needed work boots. I would use this as the starter money for my daughters education. She is 9 months old and I am about to open a brokerage account, with automatic checking withdrawal, to ensure this gets funded monthly.

Regardless if I win this is being opened, just with slightly less of an opening balance…. Nothing fancy but it accomplishes several goals. We have never been on a solo vacation together, and it will help recharge our batteries to deal with all that we have going on. Something about cooking at parties. Since I just bought a house, I would either make an additional mortgage payment, or I would use the money to help set up my home office and ham radio room. I would use the rest towards attacking the yoke of my undergrad student loan debt. I would hit the one with the highest interest rate.

Purchase books that I think would help all of my existing clients and give them away as gifts. With an extra dollars I would use half of it for my credit card bill, another for savings and the extra buck to get myself an ice cream cone from a Mr.

Softee Ice Cream truck as a treat. After reading the book and all the blog posts and emails , I have decided to start a business with my wife to make some side income. Honestly, I would use that 1, Ive been wanting to get bike to stop using the cta! The rest I would save it and pay off a part off my credit card. Maybe spoil myself to some sushi, been craving it! Half of the money would go into traveling the other half would go into getting some design work done for the new site since that is my weakness in launching a site.

I would use the money to learn a new skill that interests me. Let it be welding, glass blowing, wilderness survival, play the guitar. I recently was divorced and have been working hard to pay down student loans and my car. I would put half into my savings and use the other half for traveling expenses for breast cancer treatment at a state-of-the-art center with a multi-disciplinary team. I would use it to help send my wife to the academic conference in Greece she wants to attend, but that I cannot afford right now. It would definitely help her career.

If not that, then I would put it toward taking her to London when I go to an academic conference later this year. You sent this at a great time. This would help with the fees. I got selected to speak at a tech conference in Europe this summer.

go site Pay for the court cost to file for divorce, divesting me of my biggest expense — a spouse whose was unemployed for several years. Awful but true. Next December I will be turning My goal is to pay off my mortgage by the time I reach Once accomplished, I will have paid it off in 3 years. The money will go to the mortgage. I am a single mom and trying to teach my kids about managing debt!!! I have a 5 year goal of buying my childhood house. Year 1 is to get debt free, years are to make and save a ton. Working hard to get down completely to zero. Only have a few thousand left to go, and I can start using credit cards to my advantage.

I would buy a 7d Canon camera, tripod, and mic to produced videos to make more money on the side. And then I would send you a nice gift:. I just received an offer to put my self-made but un-published comic into a collection with three other local artists. Bill, the gentleman putting the event together, plans on holding a comic convention, showcasing this collection, in October. I live in MN. Chinese people love the number 8 because it sounds like the chinese word for fortune!