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It would be nice to bring my son to visit the schools where I used to work! I miss Japan so much. Sometimes I dream of walking from koriyama train station to where I used to live and the restaurants I loved…….. Liked JOC on facebook! Subscribed to Namiko Chen on youtube! If or when you visit Japan, what kind of Japanese product s are you interested in purchasing?

A kitchen gadget? A: I would purchase kitchenware. So specifically a Magewappa bento box. Shared the recipe I most look forward to trying! If i ever go I would definite love to buy lots of food! One of the biggest joys of traveling is trying the food, and that is what makes us feel closer to a culture as well. I love trying all the exotic dishes and the oldies but goodies as well. From gourme restaurants to street food vendors and even convenience stores. Food itself is a whole new experience when visiting a country. I would definitely stock up on food — green tea, black sesame paste and more.

I was in Japan this past spring and need to replenish my pantry! If or when! I ever visit Japan, I would absolutely have to buy a wind chime. Art books and supplies would also be on my radar! If I were to travel to japan besides all the types of food I think I would like to get a omamori. When we last visited Japan, dishes and towels were the number 1 thing we came home with.

Mother’s Day in Japan: Flowers, Sweets & Other Gift Ideas for 2018!

When I went to Japan on our honeymoon, I was most looking foward to trying the authentic cuisine, as well as bringing back adorable items that are uniquely Japan. If I go to Japan, I am sure I will buy charaben or bento tools that I still dont have, panda sushi maker and many other bento tools to make interesting meals for my princesses.

Really excited to try this recipe.

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When I return to Japan I will be looking to buy lots of little dishes so we can enjoy Japanese meals at home with a wide variety of components. Because seriously, you have the most extensive and reliable collection of Japanese recipes ever. And your pictures are amazing. I have so much I want to buy if I visit Japan! The last time she was in Japan, my mom picked up the MOST amazing knives from a local craftsman who had a stall at the fish market. Next time she or I am over there, I need to get a set of my own! It gives you the feeling of how would be living in that place and also you can have a glimpse on the local flavors.

Also, in Japan all the packaging is so nice and cute. I have to open at least one bottle of ramune in my lifetime! When I go back to Japan, I want to buy a tea set. I also want to restock on gummies! I love the candy selection in convenient stores, especially gummies and flavored kit kats. I will be filling my suitcase with a kimono, beautiful fabrics and lots and lots of cooking and craft books. I also would love to pretty buy Japanese tableware, small bowls and stuff.

Shared Thanksgiving recipes! Different types of gadgets in cosmetics, hair products and kitchen. Also love trying all the different types of food and eating places, like a restaurant where you make your own takoyaki. If I were to make a trip to Japan, I would definitely be interested in shopping for kitchen gadgets.


Really enjoy JOC on their website. Just returned from a holiday in Japan. An amazing country — had three wonderful weeks there. Would go back in a flash! Want to try so many things-Japanese, including the products in this contest: am not a big consumer but there were many things that piqued my interest — especially the vacuum sealed tksemono and other items in the food markets. I would be interested in buying in just about everything Japanese, but I would especially like to try the food.

Their preparation makes them little works of art. I love the blue and white textiles, dishes, pottery of Japan. If I go to Japan, I would especially look for these so I can have blue and white throughout my home. I feel like those things are very hard to find in the US if you are not in a major city, and very expensive online.

I love gadgets but also tableware. Would have a grand time trying to make up my mind on what to buy. When I get to Japan I want a full kitchen set, bento boxes, chopsticks, everything. I also want a traditional male kimono. I have always loved Japan and from a young age knew that one day I would move there and eventually become a citizen. If I ever get to go to Japan, I would want to buy bck some japanese tableware which look cute alway. Another thing would just be to load up on all those bento supplies. Super cute! When in Japan I always add to my bento box collection.

And I always fill up on onigiri! Great to know about Akazuki.


I hope to win! There are so many things I want to purchase in Japan! I want to buy bento supplies, especially the wooden bento boxes that look so lovely. I also love Japanese teapots, tea cups, bowls and other porcelain and china. Tableware too.

Gourmet Vending Machine in Singapore

And those cute Japanese lacy umbrellas! If I visit Japan, I would be very interested in buying traditional japanese kitchen knives and a Bonsai. If I were to visit Japan I would buy a mixture of everything, food, kitchen gadgets and clothes. Probably a lot of clothes, so many cute clothes. I buy all kinds of stuff I thought I never needed when I go to Japan. They just have so many interesting little things you never thought you would use.

And I love the sea grapes from Okinawa, and I love the watermelon ponzu-tasting sauce from Okinawa too.

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If I ever get back to Japan again besides just the airport , I want to get a kimono and a bowl or authentic ramen! They are so delicious and unique, especially the cherry blossom and Amao strawberry ones! I would also like to express my appreciation to you, Nami, for introducing so many recipes to me that are always a hit when I cook them for my family!

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I have been to Japan many times and every time I am there I always bring back many tableware and table cloth! Visiting Japan has been my dream since I was a kid. It is hard to decide what to buy in Japan.