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It is truly disappointing when there are such great departures from the original book. Its hard enough to see a book that you have enjoyed be distorted in a movie without the inappropriate scenes.

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Thank you for the warning about the movie!! Jody — Your comments are spot on. I rarely consume both the book and movie of the same story. Partially because of time constraints, but also I want to be able to enjoy the movie without being disappointed. However, I, too, was gravely disappointed in both of them when they slept together. You nailed it when you said the characters would be much more likable and heroic if they denied themselves the immediate gratification and held true to their commitments and moral code.

The same goes for movies. I do make an exception if I hear the author has written the screenplay or has had significant say on how it goes such as The Princess Bride, the animated The Last Unicorn, or the recent Good Omens —then I will gladly watch it and try to accept the changes made for a better visual story. Almost every single time, I am disappointed by the movie version of a book I have enjoyed. Great writing does not seem to transfer well to the big screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Mountain Between Us, and am so sorry to hear that they did not stick to the storyline for the movie. The fact that their relationship did not become sexual was vital to the story! I will probably not watch this movie now, and I did intend to. Very disappointing…. I completely agree with you about the movie of The Mountain Between Us. That was the first Charles Martin book I had ever read and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was so excited to see when a movie was made. I had talked the book up to many of my friends and then really had to backtrack after I saw the movie!!!!

Authors or their literary executors if deceased do have input on their novels being adapted for movies. Have not read this book or seen the movie, but I wholeheartedly agree about movie adaptations. I assume that the author signs over all rights in these situations. Nicholas Sparks is another author whose books to movies have numerous changes, but not as bad as The Mistletoe series. I read it several years ago. Jody, thanks for getting on that soapbox — I totally agree with you and others! And I have believed that the book is always better than the movie for years! I strongly encourage my children to read the book first then watch the movie.

Even they agree that books are usually better than the movies based on those books. What do you think about Christian novels being made into movies? The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Jody Hedlund Author. Award-winning author Jody Hedlund makes her home in central Michigan with her husband and five children.

When she's not busy with her family, she loves to read and consume large amounts of chocolate and coffee.

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Latest posts by Jody Hedlund see all. Like this: Like Loading Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Search Site. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Author Robin Lee Hatcher Well, it appears that a real storm is brewing.

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I wish I had been notified before today, but it never occurred to me that a small article from a small Idaho newspaper would create such a brou-ha-ha. I have not taken the time to read the posts contained herein. I was already told that I was being tarred and feathered.

Thank you to the few people who posted words in my defense, knowing that I have always been a strong supporter of the romance genre and remain so. I have no idea why he contacted me to do the interview. The interview lasted two hours and was then boiled down to what you read.

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Many of the statements were taken completely out of context. Paragraph These three paragraphs make it sound like this was a huge deal in my writing career and the main reason I moved to CBA fiction. I defended the genre, saying it was not porn for women as was suggested, that the romance genre is about women winning, about one man and one woman being able to form a lasting, committed relationship.

I did NOT say that all romance readers are addicted, to sexual fantasies or otherwise, but that is definitely what the article got boiled down to.

For those who actually know me, who know how I have unfailingly supported both RWA and the romance genre, perhaps it will clarify things a bit for you. Author Barbara Samuel I think before we flame Robin, we should remember that interviews are not perfect things, and we are often misquoted, often with the best of intentions. I know her personally, and she truly is one of the most loving, generous human beings on the planet.

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I am absolutely sure she meant no harm with her comments. Robin has proven her respect for the genre through years of dedicated service.

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Her comments were taken out of context, many of them given a completely different meaning. She is a person I truly admire. My further assumption is that they are even more careful with outside journalists for the same reason I mentioned. Finally, any author who was an RWA past president is interviewed many, many times during her presidency by outside journalists. No conclusions, just further ruminations.

Someone mentioned to me that there was an issue here and I came to visit. How unprofessional. And further disappointed that so many authors and fellow readers are willing to accept at face value what one source and a romance-clueless one, at that has to say. The romance genre gets enough grief from people outside of it. I would think that those of us within it would be willing to do a little more research and checking before hanging someone who has contributed so much to it. Carolyn Exactly, except flip it around. The genre gets grief, so I would think a professional and former president of the RWA would know how to handle interviews more ablely and cautiously, and be more savy or careful with her media public relations.

It was her publicity event, not just something she did for the good of all of romance. The onus is on her; if she was uncomfortable beforehand or duing the several hours of the interview, she should have taken steps, as someone mentioned. But as far as contacting the author beforehand—why should she? One has to assume if the author did the interview, she meant it for public consumption.

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By saying she should have contacted the author, you seem to be implictly acknowledging there was a problem with what the author said. I think people are missing what some people have such a problem with. Overall, it comes across as someone who spoke against the genre, or elements of it, because it was now expedient to do so. Cara LLB, I think you make a very good point. As someone who has spent years dealing with the media on the most adversarial basis I started out in political PR , you learn early to watch every single word that comes out of your mouth.

You also learn to never ever go off the record. That way, if there are any disputes over content, context, wording, etc. It seems to me that if the reporter was as clueless about the romance genre as Ms. Hatcher indicates, then she would have been doubly wary of everything she told him. And yes, that means reading anything, even if I personally loathe the choice.

Robin may very well have been misquoted in the article. It happens. If, however, those sentiments, those details were not hers, it seems reasonable and necessary for her to demand a retraction. Have I been misquoted or had statements taken out of context? Oh, you bet. But to this extent? Not ever. Author Rosalyn Alsobrook I just lost a large measure of respect for Nora Roberts if she did indeed write the letter. I started writing romances because of my love of the genre.