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Jesus says: "A prophet is not acceptable in his own country, and a doctor does not heal those who know him! It is amazing that so much academic and theological hair splitting can arise from a simple observation on human nature.

Instruction on prayers for healing - Cong. for the Doctrine of the Faith

People who "knew you when", who watched you grow up from a child and saw your actions and perhaps indiscretions in immaturity will not put any credence in you as a prophet or physician. Only someone to whom you are somewhat of a mystery can believe you really know what you are doing.

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They never saw you pick your nose and smear the results under your desk top so they can believe you carry a message from God. A popularisation of a technical explanation. The re-generate man will not be perceived by those whose eyes have not been opened [in an evolutionary sense].

The stricture is also literally true - Thief This saying moves both ways. All of the commentary here moves but one way. To know the prophet, or the physician, or the hypnotist, is to distrust.


To not know the prophet, or the physician, or the hypnotist, is to distrust. The prophet, the physician and the hypnotist are but symbols of the world. To trust or to distrust the prophet, or the physician, or the hypnotist, is irrelevant.

To know the Self is to know the prophet, or the physician, or the hypnotist, for what they are. Funk and Hoover write: "The earliest form of the saying is probably the aphorism consisting of a single line found in Thom ; Luke ; and John the simpler form is usually the earlier. This adage is characteristic of the short, easily remembered, and, in this case, ironical remark that lent itself to oral transmission, and was typical of Jesus as a sage and prophet.

Bruce writes: "The saying about the prophet is found in the Synoptic and Johannine traditions alike Mark 6.

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The saying about the physician resembles 'Physician, heal yourself', a proverb quoted in Luke 4. Joseph A.

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Fitzmyer writes: "The first part of this saying should be considered as authentic as the canonical parallels. The second may be authentic, or may be merely a saying constructed as an answer to the retort, 'Physician, heal thyself'.

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Wilson writes: "Logion 31 has long been known from its appearance in the Oxyrhynchus fragments: A prophet is not accepted in his own village; a physician does not cure those who know him. This is regarded by Jeremias and others as simply an expansion of Luke iv. On the other hand, Jesus odes elsewhere Mark ii.

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Professing faith, professing medicine: Physicians and the call to evangelize

Leipoldt has justly expressed his doubts as to some of the 'parallelisms' which occur in Thomas, particularly those which merely reverse the first member, sometimes with almost unintelligible results; but this is in a different category. This saying would appear to have some claim to be considered as authentic. Funk and Hoover write: "The two [doctor and prophet sayings] are connected in Thomas 31 as a proverb consisting of two lines. It is interesting to note that Luke seems to connect the two ideas also: the crowd asks Jesus to do in his hometown what he had done in Capernaum: namely, to cure people, which follows from the secular proverb they quote him, 'Doctor, cure yourself.

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